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BEADzz Gorgeous Grey Saree

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BEADzz Gorgeous Grey Saree

Sign of Bengal Legacy

Beautiful Jacquard weave Bengal jamdani in an unusual shade.

Elegant and perfect for every occasion.

The saree comes with bp.

Originally, jamdani sarees were plain-woven in erstwhile Bengal province and current Bangladesh, Dhaka, and therefore the name “Dhakai Jamdani” originated.

From contrasting tones of white-on-white, its colour pallet has expanded into beautiful vibrant forms. Today, Jamdani is done on various materials, without the use of machinery. It is one in every of the greatest time and demanding styles of handloom weaving and is taken into account in every one of the best forms of textile, and therefore the most inventive textile.

The innovative experiment of weaving within the mixture of silk threads related to gold or silver Zari has given it a tremendous look. UNESCO has also declared this an intangible heritage with the name “Jamdani” exclusive to weavers from Bangladesh. However, this weaving technique had passed from generation to generation across erstwhile Bengal, and the weavers of West Bengal have also carried forward this form of art. Women including our mothers, grandmothers used to have few such sarees in their prized possessions since ages. These fabrics are weaved both in handloom and jacquard-loom in West Bengal.

BEADzz assortment under the “Bengal Legacy” collections includes a range of styles and patterns of such sarees from West Bengal, weaved both in handloom or jacquard-loom by the expert weavers. The gorgeous ladies out there would possibly like to add in their wardrobes. If you desire a lightweight dress for traditional functions, or a significant ‘Zari’ dress for grand occasions, your search ends here at BEADzz. The BEADzz Bengal Legacy collections are an incredible addition to your closet which you can flaunt to your friends and families.

Styling Ideas:

This is an enduring craft and the legacy which weavers from West Bengal are able to keep alive till now in India. Wear it on each celebration with an incredible mix of jewellery or ear cuffs. Or add it to your official wardrobe. Our assortment can never upset you with its quality or its splendid appearance. Get ready and stock up your closet with beautiful & best quality collections for an effortlessly sharp look under amazing price offers.

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