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BEADzz Black Tree Saree

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BEADzz Black Tree Saree

Pure Bishnupuri Silk saree in a bright yellow shade. All over unique screen print on it.

Saree comes with contrast blouse piece.

*Silk mark certified pure handloom silk

In India, any important occasions of life are incomplete without a saree. saree is usually present in Indian festivities in some or the other! From prominent women leaders to the most successful women of India to the simplest of the women – the saree finds favour with everyone.

No doubt every saree is beautiful but the most glorious and most loved among all the saree types. Silk is the most loved fabric and is considered grand. They are worn at weddings and are gifted at key events. They are even cherished and saved for generations. Considered as auspicious, silk sarees are even offered to the Goddesses and respectable women relatives.

BEADzz assortment includes a range of styles and patterns of silk sarees you would possibly like to add to your closet. Pure Bishnupuri Silk saree, Banarasi silk saree, Katan Silk Saree, Opara Saree, Tussar silk saree, Matka Silk Saree; you will get every style and fashion at BEADzz assortment.

Styling Ideas:

Mostly you may style it on occasional days like weddings, but there are also some lightweight printed silk sarees which you can carry as formal, or office wear sarees with small earrings.


Avoid washing or cleaning a silk sari the maximum amount possible because it may deteriorate the yarns. However, if it must be washed, then a light soapy solution should be used followed by a chilly rinse.

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